Save $5-$200 These packages are an incredible savings and are designed to be as flexible as you’d like. You can make your appointment for any number of 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, or 120 minute massages, as long as it adds up to the package total.

3 Hour Package $150
5 Hour Package $235
10 Hour Package $450


Discount for Members of the Military,  Veterans, and Seniors

Save $5-$20 People over the age of 65, along with active members of the military and those who served for any amount of time in the past can enjoy a discount off their session and any gift certificate purchase in-office.  Not available for gift certificates purchased on this site.

Prices effective on October 15, 2016

30 Minute Massage $30
60 Minute Massage $50
90 Minute Massage $70
120 Minute Massage $90
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