My Oils and Creams

I use a few different types of oil or cream in my practice. Usually, you’re not really concerned about what the massage therapist is using on you during a massage (unless you have very sensitive skin), but there are many different types of oils, lotions, and creams that massage therapists use.

The cream I use most often is Nutri-Naturals from Biotone. You can find ingredients and information here:  Nutri-Naturals Cream.

I also have 2 oils available: Canola with lemon essential oil, and a pure Grapeseed oil. The Canola is for those who simply prefer the texture of oil over cream. The Grapeseed is intended for those who have very sensitive skin, as Grapeseed oil is extremely non-reactive.

I have a cream for specific areas of muscle and joint pain (Muscle and Joint Relief), and a cooling cream for those finishing a sporting event.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (509)714-6485 or email me at